Dr.-Ing. Markus Mummert

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Ph.D. thesis:
Speech coding by contourizing an ear-adapted spectrogram and its application to data reduction, in german. Technical University of Munich, 1997. Published 1998 as FORTSCHRITT-BERICHT VDI ser. 10 no. 522 at VDI-Verlag, ISBN 3-18-352210-1. 

Contours bearing relevant information correspond, among other, to part tones perceptible by the ear. This work treats audio representations based on contours, defined as `ridges' of an ear-adapted spectrogram. Starting off from a known representation additional ridges and a new signal reconstruction procedure are introduced. A classification of ridges allows to separate tonal from noise-like signal components. Applying these foundations, speech codecs at data rates down to 4 kbps are presented.

Keywords: speech coding - spectrogram - short time Fourier spectrum - time contours - tonal/noise separation- part tone time pattern - sinusoidal representations - Fourier-t-transform - wavelets - phase reconstruction

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This work has been carried out at Institute for Man-Machine-Communication (former Institute of Electroacoustics / Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Zwicker) at the Technical University of Munich within the acoustic communications group, leaded by Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Terhardt.

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